Software developer with a strong passion for front-end and back-end JavaScript and web accessibility. Experienced in client- and server-side development and in the automation of linting and building code. Knowledgeable in advanced data structures, functional and object-oriented programming, and modular and extensible codebases. Experienced in managing online communities, working as a leader and team member.


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I'm a gal living it up in the Greater Seattle Area enjoying greenery and rain. I started a position as a software engineer at Blue Origin on May 4, 2020

👩‍💻 I'm currently working on...

Overengineering my portfolio! Fun fact, the background header image is generated using an offscreen canvas using the user agent string, so take a peek at it on a few devices!

Rocketry.js is my mega project where I control RGB lights and buttons on MIDI controllers. It's a exciting take on hardware control using TypeScript.

Occasionally I will also work on my glitch art style pixel sorting web application that uses off the main thread scripting in React.

💼 I'm currently working at...

Blue Origin! 🚀🌌 I am developing customer-focused web applications. Previously, I also built a killer web app that manages high-performance computing jobs on AWS. Learn more on my LinkedIn.

🕗 Some interesting past work...

Adding strong TypeScript typings for Bind Deep. The first draft was undoubtedly a challenge, but so worth it!

Will Mutate is a Babel plugin that alerts if a mutation event occurred on inputted objects — essentially, a silly version of TypeScript read-only types... but at runtime. And oh golly does it make use of ES6 Proxies.